Singleton Library Talk


The lovely Joan Ingram from Singleton Library.

I had a wonderful morning, meeting some wonderful writers, and readers at Singleton Library. This was my first author talk and I was a bundle of nerves. My hands were literally shaking so badly that I had trouble clicking the mouse of the computer each time I needed to change the slide of my powerpoint presentation. The audience made me feel calmer as I got into the groove of my speech and I was happy to say it was a success. At least nobody walked out during it.

I chatted with Bob an aspiring author and was pleased to hear that after hearing my speech he was now going to follow his dream and publish his work. Another Grandmother took away some tips for her Grandson- an aspiring author. So even if I hadn’t sold any books (although I did, which I am so grateful for) this day would have still been a success. Why? Because people came away from their experience today with motivation and inspiration to follow their dreams or help a loved one to reach their goals.

When I began writing it was my hope that my words would inspire and reach out to readers. I hoped that readers would relate to the characters in my story and my writing would evoke the types of emotions that I feel whenever I read. Today that happened and I am so pleased that I could help people. Today I kicked a goal and it is the greatest feeling in the world.