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Releases November 8th 2021. 


As a teenager, Lexie Nolan thought she’d met her soulmate in Patterson Holt. That was, until he broke her heart and left her for the city. Seven years later, Patterson returns to his family’s sheep station where Lexie is a farmhand and now there is no escaping him. He is everywhere and much to Lexie’s disgust his rugged good looks and charismatic personality ignites repressed feelings of desire. Along with her reignited attraction though, comes memories of hurt and distrust. Can she put the past aside and fall for the man who was once her everything?

At a crossroads in his life, Patterson realises a piece of him has been missing ever since he said goodbye to his childhood sweetheart. At one point in time Lexie was his world, but he screwed up so badly and has been living with regret ever since. Now, he is determined to win her affection and love again, but it seems luck isn’t on his side as a series of questionable incidents not only hinders his quest for love, but also threatens both his and Lexie’s life.