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Eighteen years ago Charlotte Denver left the quaint country town of Holbrook, after a tragic accident. Now, she’s back in town to renovate her old family home, which will feature in the magazine where she is a journalist. Making the run down house sellable, will allow Charlotte to sever all ties with her tragic past and finally move forward with her life. That is, until the one person that she’d spent all these years trying to forget about is contracted by her magazines editor to help her complete the job.

Will Beckett is no longer the twelve year old kid who used to play practical jokes on her, tease her and make her belly laugh. Now he is a ruggedly handsome, sweet talking, successful builder. Despite Will’s wholesome country charm and sexy smile, that makes Charlotte’s heart skip a beat, she is determined to concentrate on the job at hand and protect her heart at all costs.

Will never thought he would see his best friend again, but now she’s back, as stubborn and strong willed as ever. Her return reminds him all over again of everything she lost because of him, and he desperately wants her forgiveness. As they reacquaint with each other Will becomes just as determined to reunite their friendship as he is set to win her heart.

Can Will break through Charlotte’s wall of defence or will his heart be broken again?

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Running from danger is something single Mum, Emma McIntosh, thought she’d never have to do. But, now it’s imperative, in order for her to protect her daughter, Zoe. Starting afresh in the quaint country town of Holbrook, she wants anonymity, so her secrets, stay exactly that – secret. Hoping to rediscover herself after being hurt, the last thing she’s looking for is to fall in love. What she didn’t count on was sexy farmer, Benjamin Beckett, who is as curious as he is friendly, and as frustrating as he is handsome.
Ben is Holbrook’s most eligible bachelor with his own secret. One, which has cost him the desire to commit to a relationship. His idyllic life is turned upside down when Emma and her daughter Zoe barrel into town. Ben is immediately attracted to the mysterious woman, but when Emma rejects his proposal for a casual fling, he must be content on being simply her friend.
As their friendship grows, so does their love for one another. But, a broken heart isn’t all they’re in danger of. When Emma’s past finally catches up with her, it places not only her and Zoe’s life at risk but Ben’s too. Is love enough to keep her in Holbrook or will she choose a life on the run?

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Life is about to become a whole lot more complicated for farmer Jamie Molloy when his best friend’s little sister moves back to Holbrook. Lucy Beckett is loud, messy and full of sass – the complete opposite to Jamie. Although she frustrates him, he has been in love with her for as long as he can remember. But Lucy has never so much as looked his way. Until now…

Lucy was always destined for great things – with her good grades and spirited nature, failure was never an option. However, Lucy is learning that some things don’t always fall into place. With a secret she has been harbouring for years out in the open, Lucy is keen to prove herself worthy. With a goal set in mind, Lucy must recruit Jamie to join her new project. The offer proves too good to refuse.

Lucy soon realises that there is more to Jamie than the quiet, broody farmer, he portrays. But just when she thinks she knows everything there is to know about Jamie, a shocking betrayal by his family is exposed. With so much at stake, will Lucy and Jamie sacrifice everything they love for the greater good?


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As a teenager, Lexie Nolan thought she’d met her soulmate in Patterson Holt. That was, until he broke her heart and left her for the city. Seven years later, Patterson returns to his family’s sheep station where Lexie is a farmhand and now there is no escaping him. He is everywhere and much to Lexie’s disgust his rugged good looks and charismatic personality ignites repressed feelings of desire. Along with her reignited attraction though, comes memories of hurt and distrust. Can she put the past aside and fall for the man who was once her everything?

At a crossroads in his life, Patterson realises a piece of him has been missing ever since he said goodbye to his childhood sweetheart. At one point in time Lexie was his world, but he screwed up so badly and has been living with regret ever since. Now, he is determined to win her affection and love again, but it seems luck isn’t on his side as a series of questionable incidents not only hinders his quest for love, but also threatens both his and Lexie’s life.

Review – Waiting for You

Jan 28, 2019Kay’s Blushing Book Reviews rated it it was amazing

Shelves: country-romance

Waiting for You by Jasmine Stevens 
GENRE: Australian Rural Romance
NARRATION: Narrative
BOOK DETAILS: Can be read as a Standalone but it is book#1 In the Holbrook Series 
RELEASE DATE: 5th Feb 2019 

“Waiting For You is a warm hearted romance set in rural Australia. Two childhood friends torn apart by tragedy reunited years later as adults.

Charlotte Denver is a journalist in Sydney, the magazine she works for is sponsoring her to renovate her childhood home in Holbrook as a feature article. When Charlotte discovers the editor has booked her old childhood best friend Will Beckett to help her complete the renovations, she must come face to face with all the pain from her tragic past that she so desperately tried to hide from all these years.

18 long years may have passed, but the connection Will and Charlotte shared as kids still burns strong and Will is determined to convince Charlotte to not only to forgive him and become his friend again but to also prove to her they are meant to be together.

Will is a real country man, hardworking, humble and content with the small things in life. If the vision of him on the cover isn’t enough to get you hand fanning your face than his witty country charm sure will.

Charlotte is one of those heroines you yell at whilst reading. She’s so damn stubborn and proud at times you can’t help but get annoyed with her, and that’s exactly what makes this book so great. The characters feel so real, so raw, so human. We see Charlotte grow emotionally as she learns to let her walls down slowly and let people get close to her.

This is a story about love and loss. Friendship and forgiveness, healing and guilt but most importantly it’s about learning to let go of the past and giving yourself permission to find joy and love in your life after so much pain.

I read this book in the one sitting, it’s a page turner, tear jerker, nail biter, slow burn friends to lover’s romance. the characters are very well developed, and the storyline flowed smoothly. It will have you laughing out loud and holding onto your heart.”

I give Waiting for You 5 blushing Stars.

This may be Jasmine Stevens debut novel, but she writes like a well-seasoned author, captivating her audience with her lovable characters and memorable moments, I LOVED this book and look forward to more from this author.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

Feb 05, 2019Wendy Livingstone rated it it was amazing
“This is a debut novel from this author, and she is certainly an author to look out for in the future! Charlotte and Will were best friends as children, until a tragic accident, and she leaves town. Now 18 years later Charlotte is back to renovate her childhood home in order to sell it, and Will is hired to help. Can these two ever be friends again? No spoilers; this is a must read, you will not be disappointed. This is a well written story which is heartbreaking, emotional, humorous, and with twists which all lead to a steamy romance. I look forward to reading more from this author, and I recommend her work for all.”